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ALTAI MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT LLC is engaged in the production of boiler, boiler-auxiliary equipment. One of the leading activities is the production of draft machines - smoke exhausters and fans.


The plant specializes in the production of centrifugal and axial draft machines, industrial fans and smoke exhausters for various purposes of all sizes of low, medium and high pressure for various media and temperatures in general industrial, corrosion-resistant and explosion-proof versions. The draft machines are made of carbon, heat-resistant, stainless steel, titanium alloys.

The company has a successful experience of working with large energy systems, plants and enterprises not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad. Smoke exhausters and fans manufactured at our factory are successfully operating at many enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Iraq. They are widely used in various industries, such as: mechanical engineering, chemical industry, oil and gas production and processing complexes, construction industry, energy and other industries. Relations are maintained with design institutes in terms of the predominant use of the plant's products in development.

In addition to production, the plant, having the relevant divisions in its structure, provides services for the examination of industrial safety of draft machines, installation, commissioning and repair of smoke exhausters, fans, boiler and boiler-auxiliary equipment.


Partnerships with enterprises that carry out large-sized cargo transportation in Russia and the CIS countries allow us to quickly and reliably deliver products to the customer's warehouse at affordable prices.

Focus on professionalism and quality is the concept of our company. In the production process, we use only certified materials and components. Marketing services and technical specialists of the plant are always ready to provide you with comprehensive trade and technical information that will help you choose the right equipment.

The presence of the necessary permits for the implementation of production activities and the provision of scientific and technical services, coupled with the above, allows the plant to take its rightful place among the enterprises of its profile, confirming the reputation of a solid and reliable partner and supplier.


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