ALTAI MACHINE-BUILDING PLANT LLC is a modern manufacturing enterprise that successfully operates in the domestic and world markets, one of the largest, stable and dynamically developing enterprises in the Altai Territory, while being one of the significant suppliers of draft machines (fans, smoke exhausters) to the Russian market .

During the entire period of the plant's existence, the construction and reconstruction of workshops and units were accompanied by the widespread use of new equipment and technology, the introduction of advanced domestic and foreign experience, and the improvement of technological processes and equipment. To date, these activities allow us to offer the following types of services:

  1. Services for the manufacture of parts (shafts, couplings, housings, etc.) and equipment for metalworking machines. We perform heat treatment (annealing, tempering, normalization).
  2. Plasma cutting services (sheets up to 50 mm thick)
  3. Processing of large parts with a diameter of up to 4000mm, a height of up to 2000mm, weighing up to 50 tons, processing accuracy up to 0.05mm.
  4. Processing of shafts up to 1600mm in diameter, up to 10000mm in length, weighing up to 63 tons, machining accuracy up to 0.05mm.
  5. Cutting spur, helical and chevron cylindrical wheels and gear shafts with an outer diameter of 50 to 2000 mm and a module of up to 30 mm
  6. Cutting cylindrical spur inner rims with a diameter of up to 1200mm
  7. Boring holes in large-sized parts with a size of 4000x1500x1400mm, weighing up to 20 tons.
  8. Machining parts by milling. The largest dimensions of the parts are 6500x2500x2000mm, the largest weight of the workpiece is 50 tons.
  9. Processing of parts on longitudinal planing machines. The largest size of the workpiece is 4000x1250x1200. The largest part weight 8000kg
  10. Flat grinding of details. The largest dimensions of the workpiece 1000x320x400mm
  11. Grinding of external cylindrical surfaces up to 700 mm in diameter, up to 6100 mm long, workpiece weight up to 5.0 tons
  12. Grinding of internal surfaces of cylindrical parts. Minimum diameter 6.0mm, maximum 400mm. The maximum length of the ground surface is up to 320mm
  13. Production of capacitive equipment with a volume of 0.5 m3 to 200 m3 and sheet metal up to 50 mm thick.
  14. Production of reactors, mixers, boilers and other vessels operating under pressure of non-caustic, non-explosive substances at a wall temperature not exceeding 2000C, in which the product of volume (liters) and pressure (kg / cm2) (V * P) does not exceed 10000, as well as vessels working under pressure of caustic, toxic and explosive media at temperatures up to 2000C, if the product V * P is not more than 500.
  15. Bending of shells from sheet material. The maximum sheet thickness is 50mm, the maximum sheet width is 2500mm. The minimum radius of the shell with a sheet thickness of 25mm is 300mm.
  16. Heat treatment of parts. Size of heat-treated parts: length up to 1500mm, width up to 750mm, height up to 550mm
  17. Air-plasma cutting of blanks on copiers made of carbon steel up to 100 mm thick, alloyed up to 80 mm
  18. Processing parts on optical grinding machines. The magnification factor of the optical system is 1:50. The largest grinding area is 10x10. Maximum thickness 48mm.
  19. Hand forged parts. Forged circle section up to 105mm, square up to 90mm.
  20. Production of stamps and molds according to customer drawings.
  21. Development of design and technological documentation for dies and molds
  22. Development of simple capacitive equipment.
  23. Manufacture of complex non-standard equipment.
  24. Painting equipment in the spray booth.
  25. Static and dynamic balancing of rotors and impellers.
  26. Sandblasting and shot cleaning.

Assembly and welding works.


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